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Mature content
The Tower :iconvolensvivarium:VolensVivarium 1 0
Fairies Flock to the Light :iconvolensvivarium:VolensVivarium 1 4
Mature content
One Point Mello WHUT :iconvolensvivarium:VolensVivarium 3 7
The melting clocks inspired me as a child.
To do what?
I don’t know.
I didn’t even know your name at the time.
But that didn’t remain a mystery.
You were a madman—
born from an egg
dancing on a cliff
adjusting your intricately-waxed mustache
as if trying to help your face detect a better radio frequency.
I could never figure you out.
Your eccentricities, so enviable.
I rely on your sixteen-foot shirt for inspiration now.
But for what?
I still don’t know.
A magnificent menswear kite, floating through air
like a wisp of an old memory.
A dream, perhaps?
:iconvolensvivarium:VolensVivarium 1 3
The Rebellion
I never knew my appendix.
He upbringing, Victorianesque—
“seen and not heard,” they would say.
And yet, he cheerfully completed the work proscribed to the
upper-middle class,
college-educated vestigial organ.
A remarkable asset to Homosapien, Inc.,
even though no one quite knew what he did.
He rebelled one day.
For reasons none could ever understand,
he kicked down his cubicle walls
and flipped off his boss as he stormed out of the office,
never to return.
A doctor friend of mine managed to apprehend him.
The scuffle between the two was amazing,
or so he said.
The appendix, so angry he could burst,
flung himself at the doctor in a fit of rage.
The doctor whipped out a knife—
self defense, he insisted,
and lunged, lacerating the appendix several times over.
The appendix fainted,
and the doctor brought him back to his house.
And yet this doctor friend never had the common decency
to introduce us,
no matter how many times I asked.
:iconvolensvivarium:VolensVivarium 1 3
AHAHAHAHA :iconvolensvivarium:VolensVivarium 0 2
Beneath the Tents
No one ever told us not to crawl underneath the tents.  No one needed to; their shadowed underbellies were cobwebbed, mildewed, disgusting.  Animals lived there.  No matter how much we wanted to become a part of nature, we were still too civilized to sleep with anything less than the thick, wooden tent floor protecting us from the beasts that roamed beneath our top-of-the-line hiking boots and deluxe goose-down sleeping bags.  Maybe that's why my fellow counselors were shocked to see my feet sticking out from underneath the tent, thinking I was the corpse of some disobedient camper who was recently ravaged by the man-eating pythons who lurk down there.  And maybe that's why they were even more surprised to hear that all that hides in the darkness underneath the tents is smooth, light grey sand.
:iconvolensvivarium:VolensVivarium 0 9
Everyone is a Poet
Life is like a parrot.
Friendship is a golden cloud.
An abstract idea, transformed
into a vaguely-related object.
The kind of poem so pretentious,
anyone can write it.
Just grab your favorite emotion--
preteen angst
and simmer on high heat,
stirring occasionally,
until you can philosophize it into
your favorite concrete noun,
yet with a thinly-veiled hint of symbolism
that isn't really there.
So, throw on your jaunty beret
and snap your fingers to the beat
of the bongos
in a smoky, badly-lit coffee shop.
Now, everyone is a poet.
:iconvolensvivarium:VolensVivarium 1 13
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This past Monday marked the passing of one of the last true giants in the animation world. To say Joseph Barbera was a legend in his field is simply an understatement.

Joseph Barbera was born on March 24 of 1911 and began his career quite earnestly as a delivery boy for a local tailor in Manhattan and later on, during the time of the Great Depression he attempted to become a cartoonist for a now defunct local New York Magazine. Fortunately for the world of animation, he didn't end up getting this job and instead found employment with the Van Buren Studio in 1932 as a writer and animator till the studio closed down in 1936, after which he fou
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So, a second plzaccount purge deviantART, I guess that was a good idea, seeing as there is no real reason for the things except to be funny But maybe, just maybe, there are better things you (and the C&E staff) could be doing with your time.
Now I am no supporter of the plz accounts, but what I do support is doing whatever action has no real rule against it. Whatever that action might be.
Many companies that have a user base that pays for a service has issues like this. The company gives an inch, the consumers take a mile, its not unheard of. But how the company reacts to that is what defines it.
Back when I was still a staff member at deviantART I suggested several times that if you wanted plz accounts to stop, you must make it so people cannot use them, period. Where are the accounts used? Occasionally dAmn, but their intended realm is the forums. I remember way back into dA history when users could put user icons in their signatures, anyone else remember that? But that was a
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eXtreme Beach Cornhole :iconanoveltyspoon:anoveltyspoon 10 9
Have you joined the march yet?
If you haven't see all the crazy grinning and scary avatars yet, take a look around the Deviants forum and be amazed.
Read about it in MurkNight's journal.  Then grab an avatar here (none from his scraps) and start having fun.  Or murk-ify your own and show us how creative you can be.
There's already a few threads on the subject, here's one in the deviants forum and another in the complaints forum.  Feel free to join us in #TheThousandMurkMarch too.
This is quite the community e
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Mature content
Gay and merry together :icondrmintman:DrMintman 23 17
Light and Dark Brown Dread Cap :iconplum-l0c0:Plum-L0c0 8 11
Tutorial Contest!
This is a contest open to anyone. That's right; anyone and everyone is welcome to join this contest. The winner will receive a twelve-month subscription to dA (or some other comparable prize in the event that he or she has a permanent subscription), and two other runner-ups will receive three-month subscriptions (or other comparable prizes).
Here are the rules:
:pointr: Entries must be Tutorials, so they must be submitted to the Resources > Tutorials gallery.
:pointr: All entries must be original, meaning they must be created for this contest.
:pointr: No Mature Content submissions, please.
:pointr: Entries mist be received by November 30, 2006.
The judges for this contest are Majnouna, GH-MoNGo and jeriweaver. Entries will be judged based on content, layout, and overall effectiveness in providing information on the chosen topic. Please send all entries to GH-MoNGo in the form of a note with a link to the deviation; no +devwatch is necessary.
Good luck to
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Water resistance is HUGE!!
United States
I am busy as fuck. Sometimes, I crochet.

Current Residence: college
Favourite style of art: Super-pretentious shit
Personal Quote: NOT TOLERATED
So, I've been dorking around on Kingdom of Loathing lately. I've started several characters there all throughout college, but I usually just stop caring around level 9 or so.

But tonight, I finished the Naughty Sorceress Quest (i.e. the final boss) for the first time and I'm WAAAAAAAY more happy about it than I should be.

In other news, I'm getting better at merging onto the freeway without hyperventilating. This means I'll actually be able to visit people over the summer, because all my college friends live on the other side of the state (or several states away) and all the cool kids left my hometown ages ago (or so it seems).
  • Listening to: Portishead - All Mine
  • Reading: Aristophanes - Plutus
  • Watching: RuPaul's Drag Race


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